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Have you ever wondered why you think, feel & act the way you do?


And why other people think, feelact differently from you?


I think most people have.  Through my own anguish and painful searching for self-understanding and meaning in life I have been blessed with passion and God-given talent for helping people understand themselves, others, and how to find fulfillment in their career, relationships, and life.  We all want to live an extraordinary life but most people live an "ordinary" life because fear, doubt and/or societal conditioning hold them back.  They aren't aware of the awesome potential that lies within them.  I am aware of each person's unique potential and this web site is designed to help you discover yours!


Step 1Take the Self-Discovery Tests.

Step 2Go to the Information section to learn what your results mean.

Step 3Learn about your potential Obstacles and Challenges in life.

Step 4If you really want to learn how to better understand yourself, others and your life go to my Free Online Courses section.  In my Famous People Analyzed section you will get a chance to experience how I synthesize all of the information on this web site into a deep and coherent understanding of a person.  Yes, I can do the same for you too!


If you would like a free astrology or numerology report I am offering them to anyone who would like to fill out a short questionnaire for My Research Project.  I am conducting research to determine the correlations between the various systems I use. 


Questions?  Comments?  Suggestions?  My e-mail address is:

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