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The Multiple Intelligences Self-Assessment

If you are curious what the Multiple Intelligences system is about then go to the Self-Awareness Self-Assessments Overview. This self-assessment will help you determine your most favored multiple intelligences but it is not designed to give you a quantitative score of your proficiency in each intelligence. The best way to determine your proficiency with any of these intelligences is through a realistic appraisal of your performance in the many kinds of tasks, activities, and experiences associated with each intelligence. Which of the following intelligences do you naturally favor and have a proclivity for?

Directions: Please put a check mark in the box Sample checkbox next to any statement that you feel applies to you.

Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence

Type 1  I love reading, writing, telling stories, and/or playing word games.

Type 2  English, social studies, and history came fairly easily to me in school and I enjoyed them.

Type 3  Learning to speak or read a foreign language has been relatively easy for me.

Type 4  Words just seem to come to me in my head effortlessly before I speak or write.

Type 5  It is easy for me to use language as a tool to convey meaning whether through writing or speaking.

Type 6  I have a good memory for names, places, dates, or trivia and I find it easy to memorize stories, poems, facts about history, or other tidbits of information.

Type 7  I'm an avid reader and enjoyed reading at an early age.

Type 8  I usually find it easy to understand the meaning an author is trying to convey when I read.

Type 9  I am fairly good at word games like Scrabble, Anagrams, Password and crossword puzzles.

Type 10My conversations and writings frequently refer to things I've read or heard, especially famous sayings or quotes.

Type 11I enjoy using wordplay such as puns, phonetic mix-ups, clever rhetorical excursions, obscure words and meanings, rhymes, tongue twisters and/or alliteration (two or more words that begin with the same or similar consonants, as in "careless cars cutting corners can create considerable chaos.")

Type 12I am effective at using language to change other people's lives in a real, tangible way.

Type 13I get more out of listening to spoken-word audio cassettes and CDs than I do from TV or films.

Type 14I notice other people's errors in grammar, spelling or pronunciation, even if I don't correct them.

TOTAL SCORE (between 0 and 14 points) for Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence =


Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

Type 1  I find it relatively easy to work with numbers and do mathematical calculations in my head.

Type 2  I naturally notice flaws of logic in things people say and do.

Type 3  Math and/or science were pretty easy for me in school and I enjoyed them.

Type 4  I naturally think in terms of cause and effect and I'm interested in understanding the relationship between actions, objects or ideas.

Type 5  I have an investigative mind and naturally want to understand how things work.

Type 6  I am good at strategy games that require logical thinking, such as (but not limited to) chess, checkers, bridge, hearts, Go(tm), Mastermind(tm), Battleship(tm), Mancala(tm), and Clue(tm).

Type 7  I enjoy solving brainteasers and logic puzzles, such as Sudoku puzzles (number placement puzzles) and Nonograms (picture logic puzzles, a.k.a. Paint by Numbers).

Type 8  My mind naturally searches for logical patterns as to why things happen the way they do.

Type 9  I enjoy quantifying, calculating, measuring, analyzing, or categorizing things (including people!).

Type 10My mind sometimes thinks in wordless, imageless, abstract, conceptual ways.

Type 11I enjoy researching, studying and analyzing things in detail and depth to understand them better.

Type 12I am good at reasoning and understanding conceptual patterns, sequences and processes.

Type 13I like to set up "what if" experiments. For example, "What if everyone in the world loved their job because it made perfect use of their natural gifts and talents? How would life be different?"

Type 14I have good inductive reasoning skills (reasoning from detailed facts or observations to come up with a general principle) and deductive reasoning skills (reasoning from the general principle to come up with a particular conclusion, or from the general cause to the particular effect).

TOTAL SCORE (between 0 and 14 points) for Logical-Mathematical Intelligence =


Musical-Rhythmic Intelligence

Type 1  I have a "good ear" for different sounds, pitches, tones, rhythms and musical compositions.

Type 2  I have a natural ability to compose, sing and/or play a musical instrument.

Type 3  I can tell when a musical note is off-key.

Type 4  I have a good voice for singing in tune and in harmony.

Type 5  I am often singing, whistling, humming or making tapping sounds.

Type 6  I learn best by hearing and often use rhythm and music as a way to memorize things.

Type 7  I can easily memorize songs and other musical pieces.

Type 8  I often have a television jingle or song playing in my head.

Type 9  I am highly sensitized to different sounds in my environment.

Type 10I have an unquenchable passion for music and my life would be much the poorer without it!

Type 11If I hear a music piece once or twice, I can usually sing or play it back fairly accurately.

Type 12It is easy for me to keep time/rhythm to a piece of music with a simple percussion instrument.

Type 13I seem to know the tunes to more songs/musical pieces than most people I know.

Type 14I love listening to music every chance I get.

TOTAL SCORE (between 0 and 14 points) for Musical-Rhythmic Intelligence =


Visual-Spatial Intelligence

Type 1  I am very aware of my surroundings.

Type 2  I have a great sense of direction and can generally find my way around unfamiliar places.

Type 3  I am good at solving visual puzzles, such as jigsaw puzzles and maze-type puzzles.

Type 4  I can easily recall clear visual images when I close my eyes

Type 5  I notice colors and shapes and truly appreciate and admire great photography.

Type 6  I can remember places vividly, almost as if I was there again.

Type 7  I like to draw, paint or doodle.

Type 8  I am good at creative visualization (imagining and visualizing things in my head).

Type 9  I often have vivid dreams at night.

Type 10I much prefer to read books with pictures than without.

Type 11I am good at craftwork and/or creating art (or I feel I could be with more practice).

Type 12I can imagine how something might look if it were viewed from directly above in a birds-eye view.

Type 13I am good at working with objects to make, build, fix, or assemble things.

Type 14I have excellent awareness of where I am in space when I'm moving and I'm able to solve three-dimensional problems that require good spatial orientation.

TOTAL SCORE (between 0 and 14 points) for Visual-Spatial Intelligence =


Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

Type 1  I love to move my body and engage in at least one physical activity or sport on a regular basis.

Type 2  I generally have a lot of physical energy.

Type 3  I learn much better by moving and doing something rather than just watching, hearing or reading about it.

Type 4  It is difficult for me to sit still for long periods of time.

Type 5  I am well-coordinated and good at many different motor skills.

Type 6  I am very in tune with and keenly aware of my body.

Type 7  I'm able to use my hands with dexterity and skill.

Type 8  I enjoy the outdoors and like to stay physically active.

Type 9  I like doing practical work, like fixing things, building things, or making things, like a craftsman.

Type 10I would rather touch than just look at something because it helps me learn.

Type 11Some of my best ideas seem to come to me when I am engaged in a physical activity.

Type 12I enjoy daredevil amusement rides and other exhilarating physical experiences.

Type 13I often use hand gestures or other animated body language when I'm expressing an idea.

Type 14I have natural talent in at least one of the following areas: strength, endurance, flexibility, agility, balance, or hand-eye coordination.

TOTAL SCORE (between 0 and 14 points) for Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence =


Interpersonal Intelligence

Type 1  I have been complimented on my ability to understand and relate to different people well.

Type 2  I learn well through interaction and dialogue with others and I enjoy it too.

Type 3  I am friendly, outgoing and have many friends.

Type 4  I prefer to be out with friends or at a party than doing something at home alone.

Type 5  Many people know me and like to come to me for advice and counsel because I am empathetic and like counseling/helping people whenever I can.

Type 6  I am cooperative and good at working with all kinds of people.

Type 7  I love meeting new people and consider myself a sociable person.

Type 8  I enjoy social events and feel very comfortable in the midst of a crowd.

Type 9  I enjoy the challenge of teaching others what I know.

Type 10When I have a problem I often seek help from at least one other person rather than attempt to work it out all by myself.

Type 11I like participating in team sports (like volleyball, soccer, basketball or softball) more than solo sports (like swimming, jogging, ice skating or weight training/body building).

Type 12I like to get involved in clubs, associations or other social organizations connected to my work, church, or community.

Type 13I am sensitive to and understand other people's moods, motives, feelings and points of view.

Type 14I seem to have a natural ability to influence other people and some people have called me a leader.

TOTAL SCORE (between 0 and 14 points) for Interpersonal Intelligence =


Intrapersonal Intelligence

Type 1  I consider myself adept at looking inward and figuring out what I'm feeling and thinking.

Type 2  I enjoy spending time alone reflecting or thinking about important life questions.

Type 3  I am an introspective person and learn well independently.

Type 4  I enjoy learning about myself immensely and have a keen interest in psychology, philosophy, spirituality, theology and/or personal growth.

Type 5  I am self-employed or think I would like to be.

Type 6  I enjoy journaling to record the events of my inner life.

Type 7  I consider myself to be self-aware, self-directed, independent-minded and strong-willed.

Type 8  I would rather get away to a peaceful location out in nature (like a house or cabin in the woods) than go to a fancy resort with lots of people around, partying going on, and loud music blaring.

Type 9  I tend to keep my thoughts to myself a lot of the time but I am very good at accurately articulating my feelings when I make a concerted effort to share them.

Type 10I have some important personal goals I want to achieve and I plan effectively to achieve them.

Type 11I have the ability to monitor myself (my thoughts, feelings, motives) in interpersonal relationships.

Type 12I learn well from my failures/feedback in life.

Type 13I have a realistic awareness of my strengths/abilities and my weaknesses/shortcomings./p>

Type 14I march to the beat of a different drummer in my style of living.

TOTAL SCORE (between 0 and 14 points) for Intrapersonal Intelligence =


Naturalist Intelligence

Type 1  I have a deep sensitivity to and appreciation for nature and feel most alive when in it.

Type 2  I love having animals around me and a garden to work in and enjoy. My life would be much the poorer without them.

Type 3  I have a natural gift for nurturing and growing flora as well as an innate ability to care for and interact with animals.

Type 4  I love walking, hiking, backpacking, and camping in nature.

Type 5  I have a sensitivity to and curiosity about natural formations such as mountains and clouds.

Type 6  I love to visit zoos, aquariums, or natural history museums.

Type 7  I am good at telling the difference between various kinds of flora, such as trees and flowers, and various kinds of fauna, such as dogs and birds. I can easily distinguish other patterns in nature too.

Type 8  I love to read books/magazines (like National Geographic) and watch movies or TV shows that help me learn more about nature in some way.

Type 9  I would much prefer to go to a natural setting (such as a park, campground, lake, mountain, or hiking trail) than to a large hotel, resort or other urban location.

Type 10I'm involved in a hobby that involves nature in some way (i.e., bird watching, camping, farming, rearing animals or plants, exploring rain forests!).

Type 11I have taken (or would like to take) courses relating to nature such as botany, ecology, zoology, or environmental science.

Type 12I belong (or would like to belong) to a organization related to nature and the environment (e.g., Sierra Club) because I am concerned about saving our beautiful planet from further destruction.

Type 13I am extremely bothered by pollution, not just for myself but for all living creatures.

Type 14I notice changes in nature better than most anyone I know. For example, I notice subtle changes in weather that most people are unaware of.

TOTAL SCORE (between 0 and 14 points) for Naturalist Intelligence =


Results: There are 14 statements for each intelligence. You probably intuitively know which are your favored multiple intelligences from taking this self-assessment but if you scored 8 or more out of 14 on a given intelligence (see below) then click on the link in the table to read a description of that intelligence.



To learn more about the Multiple Intelligences system go to the Multiple Intelligences System page. Please note there are different aspects to each intelligence so if you are wondering why you agreed with most of the statements for an intelligence but not all of them it is probably because you don't favor ALL aspects of the intelligence. This is quite common.

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