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Aura Colors Self-Assessment

This self-assessment will help you determine your core aura color(s). If you are curious what the Aura Colors system can do for you then go to the Self-Awareness Self-Assessments Overview page.

Directions: This page contains 14 short paragraphs, one for each of the 14 aura colors. Read the key words for each paragraph first (such as "The Rugged Individualist" for RED) to get a feel for which paragraph(s) might apply to you. These descriptions are of the PURE aura color type so read each paragraph as a whole to see if it sounds like you generally. Keep in mind that everyone's aura is made up of multiple colors that are constantly changing (due to thoughts, moods, health, etc.) but everyone has at least one core aura color, and most people have two, that doesn't change throughout life. So, if a paragraph doesn't exactly describe you it is because of the influence of other aura colors. Look at the examples of famous people to get a feel for how aura colors might blend. Choose the 1 or 2 paragraphs that best match your personality (click on a Sample checkbox box to select it. To unselect a box, Sample checkbox click on it again).

RED - The Rugged Individualist. I consider myself a hardy, strong-willed, powerful, and down-to-earth person. I'm at home in the real, tangible world and love to express myself through my physical body. I enjoy the basic pleasures of life - good food, drink, sex, and other physical gratifications. I believe life is more biological than spiritual and I trust what I can see, hear, taste, touch and smell. I feel most alive and comfortable when I'm relating to life in an action-oriented, instinctive way. I enjoy work that requires dexterity or physical stamina and strength, like rescuing someone in danger, performing a surgery (many Reds are very intelligent), moving furniture, loading/unloading cargo, operating heavy equipment, doing construction work, acting, or fixing cars. In relationships I can easily lose my temper but I get over my anger just as quickly. Famous Reds: Mike Tyson, Mae West, Russell Crowe, Dolly Parton (Red/Yellow), Sean Penn (Red/Yellow), Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (Red/Violet).

ORANGE - The Daredevil. I consider myself a daring risk-taker, thrill-seeker, and daredevil. I am attracted to extreme sports and I like to test my physical limitations against the environment. I love performing dangerous feats that require great physical courage and skill. Some of the things I have or would like to try are: racing cars, bungee jumping, skydiving, paragliding, hang gliding, rock climbing, heliskiing (being dropped from a helicopter to ski), bull riding, bronc riding, skateboarding down big ramps, doing dangerous stunts for a movie, or other high-risk adventures. I seem to have a higher tolerance for physical pain and faster reflexes than most people. I can appear aloof to some people but that's just because I'm very independent and free-spirited. I tend to need a lot of freedom if I'm in a relationship. Famous Oranges: Evel and Robbie Knievel, Jackie Chan, Tony Hawk, Bam Margera. Orange is a rare aura color.

MAGENTA - The Outlandish Nonconformist. I consider myself to be a bizarre, eccentric nonconformist. I like to shock people and challenge the status quo. I have a radical and outrageous sense of humor. I insist on living life to the beat of my own drummer and usually do not care whom I offend. I like to explore the new and to experiment outside normal, everyday boundaries. I am highly creative/inventive and am drawn to occupations that give me the freedom to express myself, such as being an inventor, actor, clown, comedian, creative writer, avant-garde artist, photographer, entrepreneur, art dealer, set or costume designer. I tend to have a short attention span because I become bored and quickly lose interest in things. I keep highly unusual hours and tend to be a loner. I sometimes feel like an outcast. Famous Magentas: Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Auntie Mame from the movie Auntie Mame, Kramer from the TV show Seinfeld, "Doc" Brown from the movie Back to the Future. Magenta is a rare aura color.

YELLOW - The Playful Puppy Dog. I consider myself a fun-loving, upbeat, happy person (most of the time). I can be either incredibly shy and sensitive or outgoing, playful, energetic and funny, depending on my mood. I am caring, generous, free-spirited and love to laugh. I tend to look younger than my age and have a certain childlike optimism (unless I've indulged my addictive personality in unhealthy substances). Having fun is a strong priority for me. I tend to fidget and have high energy (most yellows love to exercise but some are lazy). I'm rebellious if I'm told what to do but I'm not a fighter. I'm sensitive to criticism and get my feelings hurt easily. When there's conflict, my first impulse is to retreat. I have creative ideas constantly. I love my freedom and struggle with commitments that tie me down. I can also be a spendthrift. Famous Yellows: Ellen DeGeneres (Yellow/Blue), Robin Williams (Yellow/Violet), Jim Carrey (Yellow/Violet), Tim Allen (Yellow/Violet), George Burns (Yellow/Green), Bill Cosby (Yellow/Violet), Jay Leno (Yellow/Violet), Harrison Ford (Yellow/Physical Tan with Violet), Brad Pitt (Yellow/Physical Tan with Violet), Kevin Costner (Yellow/Mental Tan with Violet), Marilyn Monroe (Yellow/Red), Michael Jordan (Yellow/Violet), Will Smith (Yellow/Violet), John Denver (Yellow/Nurturing Tan with Violet), Tiger Woods (Yellow/Violet), Steve "Crocodile Hunter" Irwin (Yellow/Orange with Violet). Yellow is a very popular aura color and one of the three leadership colors (the others being Mental Tan and Violet).

PHYSICAL TAN - The Spatially Aware Person. I consider myself a logical, cautious, practical, private person. I am quiet and reserved yet independent and strong. Security and stability are very important to me. I kinesthetically and mentally relate to my environment (Physical Tan bridges the physical and mental colors, listed directly below). I'm a keen observer. I'm very aware of my physical positioning in space and I have excellent physical sensitivity to my environment. It's as if my body behaves like a sonar sensing device of sorts, easily picking up on signals from my surroundings. I have an innate interest in the environment and like being out in nature. Some occupations that appeal to me are: architect, forest ranger, pilot, map maker, archaeologist, geologist, environmental researcher, scientist, engineer, computer expert, electrician, city planner, or botanist. I tend to be serious and self-controlled. I consider myself a cautious decision maker, careful planner and I'm very responsible with money. I am a dedicated employee and trustworthy friend. I enjoy spending time alone and need freedom in relationships. I tend to keep my feelings to myself. Famous Physical Tan: Clint Eastwood (Physical Tan/Violet).

GREEN - The Purposeful Achiever. I consider myself an ambitious, goal-oriented, intellectually intense person. I like being in charge and am strong-willed and tenacious. I am intelligent, a quick learner and need to be mentally challenged in my work. I am often in a hurry, can sometimes be impatient and have a hard time relaxing - my mind is always on some project. My work and financial independence are important to me and I work very hard to achieve my goals and excel in life. I like to be efficient and productive with my time. I am skillful at planning and have a shrewd mind for business, finance and entrepreneurship. I can be a perfectionist at times and sometimes I'm too demanding of myself and others. I'm a conceptual thinker and calculated risk-taker. In relationships I tend to speak my mind, have high standards for an intimate partner, and like to be in control. Famous Greens: George Bush, John Rockefeller, William Randolph Hearst, Ross Perot, Fred Astaire, Bette Davis, Richard Nixon, Donald Trump (Green/Yellow), Bill Gates (Green/Violet), Hillary Clinton (Green/Violet), Lucille Ball (Green/Yellow), Arnold Schwarzenegger (Green/Yellow), David Letterman (Green/Yellow), Boris Yeltsin (Green/Yellow), Harry S. Truman. Green is a popular aura color.

MENTAL TAN - The Dutiful Provider. I consider myself to be a traditional, conservative, detail-oriented person. I am careful and cautious by nature and I don't really like change or taking risks. I prefer to follow a regular routine, abide by social protocol, and keep structure and order in my environment. I am an analytical, logical, methodical thinker. I like to see data and facts before I make a decision. I'm very practical with money and like secure investments. I'm meticulous with details and enjoy jobs where I can follow a step-by-step process and not be rushed. Careers that I might be drawn to are: engineer, scientist, accountant, mathematician, researcher, librarian, paralegal, computer analyst or programmer, architect, or other logic-based career. I am not emotional or demonstrative in relationships but I'm a very reliable provider. Famous Mental Tans: Tommy Lee Jones (Mental Tan/Violet), Ward Cleaver on the TV show Leave It to Beaver and Steve Douglas on the TV show My Three Sons. Mental Tan is a very popular aura color but not one that seeks the limelight. It is one of the three leadership colors (the others being Yellow and Violet).

LOVING TAN - The Absent-Minded Professor. I consider myself a friendly, curious, outgoing person. I am talkative and enjoy social functions yet I'm easily distracted. My thinking tends to be random rather than linear and I have difficulty dealing with the details of my life. I experience time as circular; I have little relationship to or understanding of the concepts of past, present, and future. I can see all the details that need to be taken care of, but I have difficulty deciding which steps need to be taken first. I have difficulty organizing my priorities, either by degree of importance or by time limitations. This is very disconcerting to me as I frequently feel scattered, confused and often misplace things. At my best, I learn quickly and can absorb vast amounts of information when I'm interested in a subject. I am drawn to work that allows me to do a variety of tasks in any order I choose with a minimum of structure and supervision. I love humanity but my life is usually too chaotic to maintain an intimate relationship. I get my feelings hurt easily and I often feel unappreciated and misunderstood because of my discombobulated thinking. Famous Loving Tans: I don't know any famous people but Aunt Clara, the lovable, bumbling, forgetful witch on the TV show Bewitched would be a good example. Loving Tan is a rare aura color.

NURTURING TAN - The Sensible Samaritan. I consider myself a patient, sensitive, receptive listener as well as a logical, rational, analytical thinker. I am also caring, considerate, polite and nurturing. Home and family are two of my most important priorities and I often put my family's needs before my own. I am a practical, sensible, traditional person who enjoys helping and supporting my family, friends and community. I am very responsible and like working in a low-stress, structured environment, often in a helping profession (examples: teacher, accountant, receptionist, secretary, bookkeeper, coach, organizer, mediator, counselor, social worker, welfare worker, child care specialist, administrator, or human resources specialist). Security and stability are important to me. In relationships I usually work out my emotional upsets in a calm, logical, quiet manner with compassion and understanding. Famous Nurturing Tans: I don't know any famous people but Jessica Fletcher on the TV show Murder She Wrote and June Cleaver on Leave It to Beaver would be good examples. Nurturing Tan is a popular aura color but not one to seek the limelight.

BLUE - The Caring Giver. I consider myself a loving, caring, emotional person (I can easily be moved to tears since I live from my heart). I am very empathetic toward people and I enjoy helping them with their needs. People frequently come to me with their emotional problems and I usually listen lovingly and try to console and counsel them. Spirituality, love, and people are the most important elements in my life. Money is not my first priority; being in a loving, monogamous and emotionally satisfying relationship is! When there is conflict, I just want everyone to love one another and make amends. I am drawn to work that allows me to be of service to people, such as in the helping professions (examples: nurse, teacher, public relations or human resources specialist, counselor, therapist, clergy, social worker, welfare worker, childcare worker, or church worker). In relationships I have to be careful not to attract takers or give so much of myself that I neglect my own needs. Famous Blues: Elizabeth Taylor (Blue/Violet), Meg Ryan (Blue/Yellow with Violet), Goldie Hawn (Blue/Yellow with Violet), Princess Diana (Blue/Yellow with Violet), Hayley Mills (Blue/Yellow), Jennifer Aniston (Blue/Yellow), Kate Hudson (Blue/Yellow), Sarah Ferguson (Blue/Yellow with Violet). Blue is a popular aura color.

LAVENDER - The Otherworldly Fantisizer. I consider myself to be quiet, gentle, sensitive, imaginative and spiritual. I tend to live in a fantasy world and I love to daydream. I enjoy spending my time exploring other dimensions and realities where life is pretty and enchanting. Dealing with everyday responsibilities and commitments as well as managing money is an ongoing struggle for me. Life seems too harsh at times and I prefer to work in a relaxed, low-stress environment where I can be imaginative, creative, and/or inventive. Some occupations that appeal to me are: artist (especially fantasy art), writer (especially children's books), actor/actress, art therapist, teacher, interior decorator, set designer, costume designer, florist, musician, mime or storyteller. Sometimes I have difficulty following through on my artistic/creative/ethereal ideas. In relationships I have a fear of disappointing my partner because of my ungroundedness, need for freedom and propensity to live in my inner world more than the real world. Famous Lavenders: Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland) and C.S. Lewis (The Chronicles of Narnia) - both Lavender/Violets. Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel), who wrote Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat in the Hat, was probably also a Lavender or had Lavender as one of his core aura colors. Lavender is a rare aura color.

VIOLET - The Humanitarian Visionary. I sense that I have a big purpose - to help save the planet or change it for the better, to help improve the quality of life for people, to inspire people, to spread an important message, and to educate the masses. I am very interested in cosmic and universal concepts and if I had a lot of money I would travel widely and become involved in humanitarian causes. I am tolerant and understanding of others' differences - cultural, spiritual, and political - because I know each of us has a different life path to follow. Freedom and independence are major priorities for me. I am self-employed (or would like to be) and I am drawn to a career in one of the following areas where I can have a major impact: media, entertainment, art, music, literature, psychology, teaching, ministry, politics, law, or to humanitarian and environmental causes. Famous Violets: Oprah Winfrey, Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama, John F. Kennedy (Violet/Yellow), Mahatma Gandhi (Violet/Indigo), Mikhail Gorbachev, Bill Clinton (Violet/Yellow), Maya Angelou, Barbra Streisand (Violet/Yellow), Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Eleanor Roosevelt, Al Gore, Shakespeare, Deepak Chopra, Steven R. Covey, Steven Spielberg (Violet/Yellow), George Lucas (Violet/Yellow), Michael J. Fox (Violet/Yellow), Christopher Reeve (Violet/Yellow), Mel Gibson (Violet/Yellow). Violet is a popular aura color among famous people because it is one of the three leadership colors (the others being Yellow and Mental Tan).

CRYSTAL - The Natural Healer. I am extremely sensitive, reserved and quiet in myself but I easily pick up on the personality traits and emotions of people around me and then I can become more like them. I am like a chameleon in a sense, adapting and changing to the people in my environment. For that reason I need to spend a lot of time alone in quiet to replenish myself. I love the quiet and beauty of nature. Solitude, spiritual serenity, and my inner connection with the Divine are the most important aspects of my life. I prefer to work in a calm, peaceful, structured environment because I easily get overwhelmed by being around too many people. I feel as though I have inner healing powers and am drawn to fields such as: healing, energy/body work, holistic medicine, art, music, leading meditations or prayer groups, inner spiritual work, hospice work, spiritual counseling, and gardening. I tend to keep to myself but I am responsible and good at managing money. Famous Crystals: None that I know of but Saint Thérèse de Lisieux, the little flower of Jesus, was probably a Crystal. Crystal is a rare aura color.

INDIGO - The Spiritual Exemplars. I am highly intuitive/psychic, independent, honest, fearless, strong-willed, and yet sensitive and compassionate also. I know who I am and I'm totally comfortable being myself. I cannot be influenced by guilt or threats of punishment. I am not afraid to question and challenge old, dogmatic beliefs and methods. I have an inner peace and knowing about spiritual information that most humans haven't awoken to in themselves yet. I have an innate ability to communicate with ethereal beings, nature, animals, and/or deceased people. I can remember vivid details of previous lives I've had. I have the ability to read minds, or did when I was young. I have incredible empathy and compassion for humanity, nature and animals. Meditation, prayer and inner exploration have been a huge part of my life ever since I was young. Famous Indigos: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (Indigo/Violet), the 14th Dalai Lama (Indigo/Violet), Paramahansa Yogananda (Indigo/Violet), Adyashanti, Gangaji, the boy Cole Sear in the movie Sixth Sense. More and more Indigos are showing up on the planet these days but most are still in their teens or younger.

THE RED OVERLAY - (Not an Aura Color). Do you have a Red overlay? Did you experience any of the following as a child? (1) emotional, physical, or mental abandonment or rejection (i.e., unwanted child, adopted, alcoholic parent, etc.), (2) emotional, physical, or mental abuse, or (3) a life-threatening situation before birth, at birth, or at a very young age. Does your life seem to be a constant struggle? Do you consistently experience conflict and frustration regarding relationships, health, money and/or career? Do you frequently experience intense, often uncontrollable anger or rage? If you answered yes to 3 or more of these questions then chances are you have a red overlay.

Additional Information to Help You Decide

There are three "families" of aura colors - (1) the Physical family, (2) the Mental family, and (3) the Emotional/Spiritual family. These three families determine the general way in which each group of colors relates to the environment. The physical family is subdivided into two parts. Reds, Oranges and Magentas deal with life as an externalization of physicality, while Yellows and Physical Tans cope by internalizing in their body the signals and cues they receive from the outer world.

The Physical family of aura colors - RED, ORANGE, MAGENTA, YELLOW, and PHYSICAL TAN - take their cues from the physical environment. Reds, Oranges and Magentas relate to the world by interacting with it physically. Their reality is tangible and they rely primarily on their 5 senses to inform them of their experience; they need to see, hear, taste, touch and smell things to believe in them. Reds, Oranges and Magentas like to push against reality, in their own unique way.

Yellows and Physical Tans, on the other hand, relate to the world through the physical sensations that are triggered by their internal biochemistry. Yellows and Physical Tans are the most kinesthetic of all the aura colors and experience strong biochemical reactions within their bodies which they experience as gut reactions, surges of energy, or muscle-reflex reactions. They must learn to tune into their body and trust these inner signals.

The Mental family of aura colors - GREEN, MENTAL TAN, LOVING TAN, and NURTURING TAN - base their actions on thoughts and logic. They think about the world and their place in it. They are each cerebral, logical thinkers, in their own unique way. They are happiest when they can play with ideas and mentally understand reality. Their greatest challenge is trying to deal with their emotions logically.

The "TANS," including PHYSICAL TAN from the physical family like a secure, stable, steady, predictable, traditional lifestyle (Loving Tans may not always create it but they want it). They are cautious, practical, conservative and prudent in all matters. They are very responsible with money and look for sensible, safe, conservative investments. They prefer to get a regular paycheck from a reliable, well-established company rather than take any unnecessary risks venturing out on their own. They dislike change so occupations that offer them job security and good health and retirement benefits suit them to a tee. All of this is subject to change (and great inner tension!) if the TAN also has a more bold, daring, adventurous, spontaneous, liberal, risk-taking, avant-garde or speculative core color.

The Emotional/Spiritual family of aura colors - BLUE, LAVENDER, VIOLET, CRYSTAL, and INDIGO - base their actions on emotions and intuitions. These five aura colors live in a world of intangibles such as hopes, dreams, wishes, and visions of the future. Emotions, feelings, hunches, intuitions, and abstractions are the currency of their realm. These colors are happiest, most productive, and creative when interacting through their intuitive and emotional faculties rather than through their mental or physical faculties. Spirituality is an integral part of life for these aura colors and is based on an ineffable inner experience of the Divine rather than dogmatic religious belief.


Results: Now that you've taken the aura colors self-assessment, it's time to verify your aura color(s) by reading a longer description. Click on any of the active links in the table below to read a full description of that aura color (or the red overlay in the following table, which is not an aura color in and of itself).

Physical Aura Colors Mental Aura Colors Emotional/Spiritual Aura Colors
OrangeMental TanLavender
MagentaLoving TanViolet
YellowNurturing TanCrystal
Physical Tan Indigo

The Red Overlay
Red Overlay

To learn more about the Aura Colors system go to the Aura Colors System main page.

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