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What is Numerology?

Numerology is the study of numbers and their symbolic meanings as they pertain to life. Pythagoras, a Greek mathematician, philosopher and mystic, is credited with discovering numerology around 580 B.C. Pythagoras was extremely perceptive and found distinct correlations between clearly observable phenomena and the inner workings of people. He is considered the "Father of Numbers" and concluded that number was the essence of all things. He taught students in his Mystery School that nothing could exist without the influence of numbers.

Using numerology a numerologist can determine a person's strengths and weaknesses of character as well as his/her general life purpose. A numerologist can also identify exactly when challenges, as well as opportunities, will occur throughout a person's life. To be honest, I never used to believe in numerology. I had nothing to do with choosing my name and neither did you when we were born! So how can a person's name and date of birth say anything about him/her? I don't know how it works but I have been applying the principles of numerology for years now and I can attest that it does work. But don't believe me. Prove it to yourself. That's what I did. Check out my Famous People Analyzed section to see how to blend the individual rules of numerology together to make sense of someone.

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What is the practical use of Numerology?

Two of the most practical uses of numerology are for relationship compatibility and vocational guidance. If you would like to better understand how compatible each number is with other numbers then go to the section "Compatibility and incompatibility between numbers" below. There is a compatibility table there as well as a relationship matrix that describes the relationship dynamics between different numbers.

If you would like to learn how numerology can be used for vocational guidance then click on one of the active links in the next section, "Brief and in-depth descriptions of the 11 main numbers."

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Brief and in-depth descriptions of the 11 main numbers

Clicking on any of the active links below will give you a more full description of that number, which will open in a new window. If you would like a nice, one-page summary of "The Fundamental Meaning of the Numbers 1-9, and 22" listed below then click here.

Number 1 - corresponds to letters A, J, and S (see description of letters below)

Positive (+): Masculine, Innovative, Pioneering, Confident leader, Original, Creative, Individualistic, Ambitious, Dynamic, Strong-willed, Determined, Courageous, Daring, Takes initiative, Energetic, Active, Independent, Desires to be the best

Negative (-): Aggressive, Bossy, Dominant, Selfish, Opinionated, Self-centered, Headstrong, Conceited, Egotistical, Impatient, Stubborn, Defensive, Tyrannical, Addictive tendencies

Number 2 - corresponds to letters B, T (K=11 and 2) (see description of letters below)

Positive (+): Feminine, Receptive, Gentle, Cooperative, Modest, Humble, Sensitive, Responsive, Diplomatic, Tactful, Patient, Considerate, Kind, Loving, Sweet, Understanding, Adaptable, Balanced, Supportive, Helpful, Good with detail, Artistic, Musical

Negative (-): Passive, Submissive, Subservient, Servile, Fearful, Nervous, Changeable, Moody, Timid, Shy, Anxious, Worrisome, Nit-picky, Critical, Prone to depression, Indecisive, Self-conscious, Dependent, Lie to keep harmony

Number 3 - corresponds to letters C, L, U (see description of letters below)

Positive (+): Expressive, Vivacious, Joyful, Imaginative, Creative, Artistic, Witty, Animated, Enthusiastic, Gifted with words, Optimistic, Humorous, Fun, Inspirational, Gregarious, Kind, Sociable, Friendly, Freedom from worry

Negative (-): Too outspoken, Boastful, Vain, Jealous, Scatters energy, Gossipy, Moody, Critical, Whiny, Childish, Lazy, Oversensitive, Extravagant, Superficial, Dilettante

Number 4 - corresponds to letters D, M (V=22 and 4) (see description of letters below)

Positive (+): Solid, Stable, Loyal, Hard-working, Practical, Realistic, Systematic, Patient, Organized, Sensible, Structured, Detailed, Orderly, Honest, Sincere, Industrious, Traditional, Methodical, Protective, Devoted, Conservative

Negative (-): Boring, Slow, Dull, Stubborn, Inflexible, Depressive, Inexpressive, Perfectionistic, Repressive, Rigid, Lacking imagination, Overly serious, Contrary, Brusque, Workaholic, Narrow-minded, Stickler for detail, Straitlaced

Number 5 - corresponds to letters E, N, W (see description of letters below)

Positive (+): Freedom-loving, Unconventional, Adventurous, Sexual, Magnetic, Attractive, Progressive-minded, Perceptive, Witty, Resourceful, Multi-talented, Action-oriented, Energetic, Adaptable, Loves to travel, Quick thinking, Good communicator

Negative (-): Lustful, Perverted, Promiscuous, Restless, Nervous, Moody, Discontent, Sharp speech, Short temper, Scatters energy, Hasty, Impulsive, Impatient, Procrastinator, Easily addicted, Self-indulgent, Irresponsible

Number 6 - corresponds to letters F, O, X (see description of letters below)

Positive (+): Responsible, Nurturing, Caring, Idealistic, Empathetic, Service-oriented, Humanitarian, Domestic, Family-oriented, Conventional, Loving, Affectionate, Artistic, Musical, Compassionate, Understanding, Principled, Ethical, Drawn to Beauty

Negative (-): Anxiety, Worry, Meddlesome, Overly possessive, Unforgiving, Stubborn, Judgmental, Codependent, Martyr, Prideful, Indolent, Gullible, Fastidious, Overly sensitive, Overly righteous, Dogmatic

Number 7 - corresponds to letters G, P, Y (see description of letters below)

Positive (+): Introspective, Silent, Inquisitive, Intuitive, Mystical, Deep, Philosophical, Seeks to know how, Seeks to know why, Perceptive, Spiritual, Observant, Analytical, Discerning, Love of nature, Truth seeking, Studious, Scholarly

Negative (-): Aloof, Detached, Reclusive, Day dreamer, Depressive, Moody, Skeptical, Cynical, Secretive, Perfectionistic, Loner, Lonely, Suspicious, Fault finding, Uncommunicative, Feelings repressed, Obsessive

Number 8 - corresponds to letters H, Q, Z (see description of letters below)

Positive (+): Powerful, Influential, Purposeful, Ambitious, Executive ability, Business acumen, Visionary, Tenacious, Driven, Sound judgment, Excellent instincts, Abundance mentality, Organizational skills, Big goals and dreams, Read people well

Negative (-): Ruthless, Obstinate, Controlling, Haughty, Overbearing, Arrogant, Dominant, Dictatorial, Demanding, Materialistic, Egotistical, Strain to attain, Intimidating, Impatient, Opinionated

Number 9 - corresponds to letters I, R (see description of letters below)

Positive (+): Universal Outlook, Idealistic, Selfless, Powerful, Dynamic, Confident leaders, Inspirational, Compassionate, Humanitarian, Intuitive, Energetic, Creative, Artistic, Forgiving, Tolerant, Freedom-loving, Dramatic talent, Bohemian, Daring

Negative (-): Domineering, Fanatical/Controlling, Too idealistic, Impulsive, Selfish, Quick-tempered, Perfectionistic, Melodramatic, Clings to past, Impractical, Fickle, Aimless day dreamer, Prejudiced/Intolerant, Overly emotional, Too unconventional

Number 11 - corresponds to letter K (see description of letters below)

Positive (+): Inspirational, Mentally brilliant, Intuitive, Idealistic, Creative, Imaginative, Mystical, Poetic, Wise, Charismatic, Magnetic, Dynamic, Powerful, Prophetic, Oracular, Visionary, Inventive, Humanitarian, Philanthropic, Advances social ideas, Clairvoyant, Great inner strength

Negative (-): Nervous tension, Fanatical, Obsessive, Conceited, Arrogant, Extremist, Seeks limelight, Temperamental, Hysterical, Absent-minded, Unworldly, Lost in dreams, Eccentric, Impractical, Feels isolated, Elitist

Number 22 - corresponds to letter V (see description of letters below)

Positive (+): Masterful builder, Leader of large scale humanitarian projects, Very hardworking, Very diplomatic, Superb intellect, Visionary, Inventive, Intuitive, Psychic, Utmost integrity, Doesn't miss a detail, Powerful, Influential, Philosophical, Idealistic yet Practical, Great inner strength

Negative (-): Nervous tension, Fanatical, Obsessive, Unsystematic, Frenzied, Misusing power, Manipulative, Mismanaging, Overly skeptical, Mistrusts intuition, Feels different than others, Overly sensitive

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Brief and in-depth descriptions of the 26 English alphabet letters

Clicking on any of the individual letters (for example, "A" or "B") below will give you a more full description of that letter, which will open in a new window. If you would like a nice, one-page summary of "The 26 English Alphabet Letters" listed below then click here.

"A" (+) Mental, creative, inspired, original, independent, progressive, adventurous, strong-willed, energetic, leadership qualities, ambition. (-) Headstrong, opinionated, aggressive.

"B" (+) Emotional, self-contained, sensitive, sympathetic, sentimental, often psychic, cooperative. (-) Love seeking, shy, needs encouragement, moody, lives in its emotions, subservient, vacillating.

"C" (+) Intuitive, expressive, may be psychic, joyous, balanced, friendly, sociable, sensitive, verbal, creative, spontaneous. (-) Oversensitive, may scatter energy, overspend, indulgence.

"D" (+) Physical, efficient, practical, hard-working, balanced, organizer, doer, self-disciplined, serious, builder, down-to-earth. (-) Rigid, self-contained, shows little emotion, can be spiritually unaware.

"E" (+) Physical but mental/scientific also, inspired, helpful, practical, progressive, learns well from experience, adventurous, adaptable, energetic, inventive, lover of change, travel, freedom, excitement. (-) Lacks follow through, restless, impulsive, changeable, marriage can be difficult if too restless/changeable.

"F" (+) Intuitive, responsible, affectionate, protective, self-sacrificing, family-oriented, sensitive, desire to right wrongs, feels others' pain. (-) Overly responsible, uncertain/vacillating, over-emotional, depressed, interfering, worrisome, nagging, needs so much affection.

"G" (+) Mental, balanced, introspective, meditative, analytical, philosophical, thinks deeply/clearly, much willpower, excels at study, research, investigation. (-) Aloof, secretive, lost in dreams, inexpressive of feelings, critical, solitary, opinionated, brooding, depressed.

"H" (+) Mental, executive ability, business acumen, very hard-working, good judgment/perception of people, strong desire for financial freedom, influence, leadership. (-) Overwhelming desire for status/recognition/power/money, impatient, vacillating mind causes strain.

"I" (+) Emotional, inspired, creative, extremely deep/intense feelings, strong desire to serve humanitarian needs, energetic, self-sacrificing, idealistic, artistic, empathetic. (-) High strung emotions, erratic, oversensitive, wild fluctuations in temperament, murderous.

"J" (+) Mental, original, innovative, ambitious (in quiet way), excellent ideas, desire to lead (especially for a cause), broad perspective (ability to see all sides of an issue/different points of view). (-) Indecisive, difficulty starting, may vacillate and not finish what's started.

"J" (+) Intuitive, receptive to others' feelings/needs, inspirational, creative, inventive, idealistic, receptive to spiritual awareness, helpful, affectionate, charismatic, good at detail work, high potential for achievement. (-) Nervous tension, elitist, temperamental, over-emotional.

"L" (+) Mental but sensitive, friendly, sociable, balanced, creative, verbal/communicative (originality with words, writing is forte), slow sure reasoned mentality, good powers of analysis/reasoning, all experiences are reviewed mentally. (-) Takes on more than it can handle.

"M" (+) Physical, practical, balanced, hard-working, self-disciplined, strong-willed, serious, steady, thorough, efficient, finishes what is started. (-) Inexpressive, emotionally detached, repressed feelings (difficult to get to know), stubborn, some can be undisciplined and lazy.

"N" (+) Mental, imaginative but strong mentality, good at analysis, adaptable, adventurous, works extremely well with others, sociable. (-) Restless, vacillates between several points of view, constant need for excitement/variety, promiscuous, fails to learn from experience.

"O" (+) Emotional, inspirational, deep feelings, family-oriented, extremely responsible, giving and service-oriented, creative, artistic, loves beauty, conservative, traditional. (-) Overwhelmed by responsibility, worrisome, brooding, holds things inside (self-contained).

"P" (+) Mental, introspective, deep thinker, philosophical, desire for intellectual perfection, excels at study, research, investigation, analysis. (-) Vacillating, feels deeply but is inexpressive of feelings, secretive, often lacks willpower, atheistic/agnostic or very spiritual.

"Q" (+) Intuitive, superior mentality/leadership ability/business acumen (or just the opposite), independent, unique personality, sensitive, original, potentially powerful/influential. (-) Vacillating, unstable, erratic, unusual, eccentric, impatient, greedy for wealth/status/power.

"R" (+) Emotional, inspirational, selfless, understanding/compassionate/tolerant, high-powered self-starter, desire to serve humanitarian needs, idealistic. (-) Over-emotional, impractical (due to idealism), easily taken advantage of by unscrupulous people.

"S" (+) Emotional (the most emotional of all the letters), very creative, financial success from original ideas, dramatic flashes of insight, ambitious, independent, courageous. (-) Vacillating, erratic extremes of emotion affect clear thinking, refers every experience to the self.

"T" (+) Emotional, spiritual, self-sacrificing, sensitive, affectionate, imaginative, cooperative, can be psychic, enjoys close relationships, works well with others. (-) Vacillating, strained and high-strung emotions, may be subservient, full of self-pity/anxiety, depression likely.

"U" (+) Intuitive, very conservative yet friendly/sociable, artistic/creative (conservatively), good with words, sensitive, aware of others' feelings, idealistic. (-) Vacillating, indecisive, scattered, strong emotions, attracts loss and peculiar experiences if spiritual side is ignored.

"V" (+) Intuitive, balanced, receptive to inspiration and spiritual revelation, master builder, visionary (can envision ideas and materialize them), very hard-working, self-disciplined, serious, thorough, practical, can be inventive/poetic/artistic/scientific (-) High nervous tension.

"W" (+) Physical, powerful, adventurous, great verbal skills, good at selling/promoting, curious/enjoys new experiences, works extremely well with others. (-) Restless, vacillates between several points of view, need for excitement/variety/sex, can be explosive/erratic at times.

"X" (+) Emotional, extremely responsible/self-sacrificing (often for family but possibly for the masses), very protective and caring, can symbolize spiritual leadership. (-) Vacillating, extremely emotional, karmic, life full of crises/turmoil/emotional upheavals, can self-pity.

"Y" (+) Intuitive, extremely perceptive/keen mind, strong psychic powers (but must learn to trust them), introspective, philosophical, deep thinker, excels at study/research/investigation/analysis. (-) Vacillating, uncertain, feels deeply but is inexpressive of feelings, secretive.

"Z" (+) Emotional, extremely inspirational/dynamic energy, self-confident, much willpower, great understanding of human emotions - own and others, capable of leadership and material achievement (wealth/recognition/influence). (-) Suffers because of own deep feelings.

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Descriptions of the 6 "core" numbers

The 6 core numbers in numerology are: (1) the life path number, (2) the expression number, (3) the heart's desire number, (4) the maturity number, (5) the birthday number and (6) the personality number. I have listed them in descending order of relative influence and importance (i.e., the life path number is the most influential and personality number is the least influential). The birthday number is considered a minor talent the person has and is used to assist the learning of the life path number lesson. That is why it is listed after the life path number, although it's influence is only about 10% of a person's personality. A decent understanding of a person's innate personality can be found from these 6 core numbers alone but there is much more to numerology than this that adds much greater detail. Still, these numbers are the most important so will be discussed in-depth.

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Life Path number

Click here to learn how to determine your life path number. Once you have determined your life path, click on it below to learn more about the life you were born to live.

Specific Life Path Numbers

Click on the following link for a list of life path numbers and birthday numbers of some famous people.

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Birthday number

The 31 Birthday Numbers

Your day of birth (aka birthday number) is not an accident! It has an important influence on your behavior and personality and it may be obvious or subtle depending on the other influential numbers in your numerology chart. Just so there is no confusion, the 16th is the birthday number in the following date of birth: July 16, 1922.

Your day of birth represents potential talents you have as well as potential liabilities. It also represents your attitude toward the opportunities and challenges that are hidden in your Life Path number (the sum of the individual digits in your date of birth and the life you were born to live). Each number in your day of birth influences you but it is the single digit (aka root digit) that is the sum of the digits that is the most influential. For example, for someone born on the 16th the numbers 1 and 6 are influential but the number 7 is the most influential (1 + 6 = 7). Someone born on the 25th will have the same 7 influence (2 + 5 = 7) but with shades of meaning from the numbers 2 and 5 not from the numbers 1 and 6. Obviously, for people born on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th there is no other birthday number influence other than the pure number. Since every double-digit birthday number (e.g., 12th, 15th, 24th, etc.) contains 2 of the numbers from 1 to 9 I have given extra emphasis to the birthday numbers 1 through 9. If, for example, you were born on the 16th of any month you could also read "Born on the 7th of the Month" to get more insight into the number 7 and also "Born on the 1st of Any Month" and "Born on the 6th of Any Month" to understand the subinfluence of those numbers. With that said, ultimately, each birthday is completely unique.

You will notice that I have also included descriptions for the overbalanced, excessive energy of a birthday number as well as descriptions for the underbalanced, deficient energy of a birthday number.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th
19th 20th 21st 22nd 23rd 24th 25th 26th 27th
28th 29th 30th 31st          

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Expression number

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Heart's Desire number

The Heart's Desire number is found by adding up the vowels of the full, given name at birth (see the "Table of Correspondence between Letters and Numbers" below and the example of Henry David Thoreau under "1 Heart's Desire" below). The Heart's Desire number represents the inner motivations of a person, their secret aspirations, what a person secretly longs to do, have or be. This number is often called the "interior," "soul urge," "inner-motivation," or "soul number" for this reason. It also says a lot about how your mind operates and how you think. This number is important to consider in light of the Life Path number for it will lead to soul satisfaction if it is integrated into the life along with the other influential core numbers.

Table of Correspondence between Letters and Numbers

The following descriptions are only possible results. Use your imagination, intuition and understanding of a number to come up with your own definitions, especially if the number you are reading about is your Heart's Desire number.

1 Heart's Desire 2 Heart's Desire 3 Heart's Desire
4 Heart's Desire 5 Heart's Desire 6 Heart's Desire
7 Heart's Desire 8 Heart's Desire 9 Heart's Desire
11 Heart's Desire 22 Heart's Desire  

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Personality number

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Maturity number

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Compatibility and incompatibility between numbers, including relationship dynamics

Compatibility Between the Numbers

Numerology table


Relationship Matrix

Directions: Find a number you are interested in learning more about in relationship with another number. Then, click on the number underneath the number you first found. For example, if you are interested in how number 3 and number 4 get along then find the bolded Number 3 and then click on the 4 underneath it to read about the numbers 3 and 4 in relationship with each other.

Number 1 with number.....


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Number combinations and some common themes

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Intensity points and karmic lessons

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Challenge numbers

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How Numerology works

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Numbers vibrate and have energy

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How numbers correspond to English letters

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Numbers derived from the date of birth

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Numbers derived from the name

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How to analyze a person's first name

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First name chords

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How to analyze a numerology chart

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Numerology workshops and classes

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Numerology consultations

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Numerology references and links

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